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What the bull endures to weaken the bull and put him at a great disadvantage for the so-called "fight", which is actually a slaughter. These are male cows and on the scale of fighting animals, they rank about 87 -- they can't even turn around swiftly. Not to mention the complete immorality of terrorizing and exhausting and causing agony and despair and finally death of any being who has the will to live --- and they fight so hard to live. Shame on the sadists who view this spectacle of horror and participate in it. It is not tradition, it is not art, it is not sport --- it is, so far, legal "fun" for sadists.


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What AnimalsTrust NPO is asking to Spanish Government: 1. We want the Spanish Government to interfere and create effective and strict laws to protect the bulls lives. 2. Bullfighting must be banned in Spain. 3. Awareness banners and posters about the Bulls need to be put up in every possible areas around Spain, where the killing is on the highest range. When a country treats animals with…

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