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This video was to provide a visual of what is happening to the bees and to show people that bees are important within society, that humans need bees and need to do their part to save them. The goal was to show people rather than just telling them that the bees are dying. This goal was extremely important as people need to see the tragedy that is happening and without a visual people tend to block issues out of their lives. This video will show the people that they need to make a change and somehow help to control this issue.
To influence the audience I used red as the colour to make the audience stress some concern about the deaths of bees and what this means for human beings. Most people will be shocked to learn that one third of the human diet is there because of bees and that without the bees all the trees, crops and flowers will die and no longer be able to reproduce. This video will also teach them that the average person needs two fully grown trees to breathe. The audience will also be influenced by the sad pictures of a world that is dead and looking tired with dead plant life. They will also see very unfortunate pictures of dead bees. This will make the audience feel sad, making them want to help before we do see these unfortunate events for real. The song in the background is “I Was Here” by Beyoncé aka Queen Bee. This repeatedly says I was here, adding the effect of people hearing that the bees were here and are possibly not going to be here any longer.

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