Vietnam sea
Vietnam sea campaign leader

As long as the name of “South China Sea” still exists, China also has the pretext, the reasons for expanding the threat to the maritime security of the Asia-Pacific region in particular, of humanity in general. Communist China is the greatest threat to the world in all respects, a threat greater than that of the Islamic state.

Thus, Senators Rubio and Cardin have issued a bill to penalize the East Sea's aggression. The bill’s excerpt states: "Advising the President to impose sanctions and prohibit entry into the individuals and entities of the Chinese Navy engaged in construction and development projects in the relevant sea areas, as well as a threat to peace, security or stability in the South China Sea (SCS) or East China Sea (ECS); Prohibition of publication of materials describing the South China Sea or East China Sea as part of the Chinese Communist Party, investment projects in the South China Sea or East China Sea, or recognition of the East Sea or East China Sea merger.”

Our Vietnam Sea is part of the Southeast Asian Sea and not part of the South China Sea.

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