Ruby Hargreaves-Wall
Ruby Hargreaves-Wall campaign leader

Anyone who views this video will be shocked by the many facts about animal testing. For example, they should be appalled to learn that currently 9 out of 10 experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people, based on animal and laboratory studies and that in 2015 an average of 1202 animals were used for experiments in QLD. This goal is important due to the high risk for the animals to become endangered or even extinct. Besides this we also shouldn’t treat animals with less value than humans, as it is unethical to assume our species has more worth than others. Hopefully after viewing this many people will go for a cruelty free cosmetic line.
Viewers should also be influenced by graphic images of the animals that are in cages and lying dead. In particular the image of the animals just been thrown into a bag should make them think of the cruel tests that they are put through. I also included a photo showing the real life representation of the cruelty that is happening all over the world.

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