Update #3 ·

Number 1 Reason why Grazing Allotments need shut Down!!

Footage provided by Peer.org from Dr. Robert Wielgus we assume.Profanity Peak Wolf Massacre at the demand of the Diamond M Ranch. Len McIrvrin needs his permits pulled IMMEDIATELY for failing to comply with permit requirements ! This Footage began June 30th near the Profanity Peak Rendezvous Den! Look at the grasses there that are available for our Public Resources on June 30th! This is public lands to be managed for the good of the Public under mandaye of the Public Trust! Clearly McIrvrins Diamond M Ranch is not the best Interest! 

Cattle were attracted to the Den location by Salt Blocks installed next to the road, which is against policy and attracted the Cattle to the Rendezvous Den location. Those Salt blocks remained there for over a Month!! Look at the grasses destruction by the cattle at the end of the Video.


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