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Provide medicine & health services in Bangladesh

The MAAWS Health Complex provides primary, pediatric and gynecological
health services to approximately 200-250 villagers a month in rural Bangladesh. Families in Earpur no longer have travel for hours to get basic health care services and have access to quality care within their reach. Challenge

Approximately 30,000 people in the Senbagh/Begumganj area of Noakhali, Bangladesh do not have access to basic health care. The closest hospital is 6 kilometers away. Newborns and mothers die during childbirth because of the lack of maternal care and adequately trained birth attendants.


The MAAWS Health complex provides health services in primary care, pediatrics and gynecology. We are also building a new burn unit. We host 1 day camps in eye health, childhood vaccinations and health education. The clinic has 3 doctors and a physician assistant on staff and is open 7 days a week. Over 80% of our patients are women and children. We also provide referral services to nearby hospitals for patients in need of more speciality services.

Long-Term Impact

The facility serves approximately 200-250 patients a month. Our health clinic improves access to health care to rural villagers. Over 80% of our patients are women and children. We not only serve the village of Earpur, but nearby villages as well.

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