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Sex trafficking is a growing problem and it’s happening around the world.

More and more police officers are being trained on what to look for and how to help.

In March, US Federal law enforcement officials released information about a sex trafficking ring involving wealthy clients and disabled young men.

The same day police officers were being trained on human trafficking, two men were arrested for prostituting young men for sex.

Some of the young men are cared for by state agencies because they have mental health issues.

One of the men arrested is Bruce Bemer, a 63-year-old, who police say arranged for young men to be brought to him for years. They were young men with mental health problems.

At the same time, police officers learned about what has been going on for a while, and are now finally getting some awareness.

A law passed in 2016 requires officers to get training on how to recognize victims and provide help.

"No one should be surprised that there is sex trafficking,” said Raymond Bechard, an anti-human trafficking advocate who provides the training through Spector Criminal Justice Training Network.

He has worked for human rights groups and has written a book on one of the biggest sex ring busts in Connecticut ---12 men were arrested, and the king pin Dennis Paris is serving a 30-year sentence for taking young girls and getting them hooked on drugs and selling them for sex.

"People say it's in our own backyards now but it’s really on our smartphones. If you go to a website, ordering a girl is like ordering a pizza,” Bechard said.

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