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Human Trafficking - Make Your Community Aware

According to federal court documents released by the Department of Justice, two men engaged in a conspiracy with several others to share child pornography on Facebook.

Michael Engelking, 37, of Alexandria, VA, and David Large, 50, of Salem, OR, were members of several Facebook groups dedicated to sharing child pornography and child erotica, including groups called "girls girls girls" and "little girls love to play." These groups contained over 10,000 images of child pornography and child erotica.

Trafficking.Tips offers a specialized “Human Trafficking in America” lecture series for your community group, faith-based organization, school, business or anyone else with enough courage to listen. The customized training is conducted either on site or via video. 

You and your community/organization will learn:  

  • The nine causes for the rise of human trafficking in America. There is no other place to find this information. 
  • Trafficking in America. Why is everyone getting it wrong? 
  • The myths and misinformation surrounding human trafficking. 
  • Statutes pertaining to human trafficking. 
  • Defining what human trafficking is and isn’t. 
  • How to identify victims. 
  • Providing victims with information pertaining to safety and assistance.
  • Providing education to First Responders and Stakeholders (Police, Medical Personnel, Teachers, Postal Carriers, etc.) an exhaustive listing of victim assistance postings. 
  • Questions to ask potential victims.

You will also receive:

  • Full lecture on video with handouts 
  • How to contact/alert the police to victims. 
  • Butterflies In the Stall outreach to trafficking victims. 
  • Investigate illegal massage parlors in your area. 
  • Educate first responders and coordinate them in your area. 
  • Red flags for the public, educators, travel industry personnel, medical professionals and law enforcement. 
  • EASTERN Training: Full Curriculum with Teachers’ Guide for High School and College students and educators. 
  • Full PowerPoint for training at every level.

Contact us to get started: [email protected] or 860-263-9667

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