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Please help feed the dogs in our China Shelter


We have been raising funds each month to help feed the  dogs the wonderful Mr Zhao has at  his shelter in China.There are over 400 dogs and 50 cats saved from the dog meat trade from really horrific conditions. He has risked his life to save them and devoted his life to their care. 

High quality nutrition is vital to recover from  the trauma they suffer and this costs $5000  a month.It is a real struggle and we are only a small charity with other campaigners and rescuers who call on our resources. 

Can you please help with even a small one-off or regular donation? All the dogs at the shelter need love and homes so we also hope you can open your hearts to adoption

But in the meantime please be generous.We will be showing you live feeds of where funds have been spent and you can be reassured knowing your donation feeds hungry mouths. 

Bless Your Hearts for Caring !


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