William Wilabe Richer

Seal Killing is a murderous, bloody, gruesome, torturous, evil, vile, unnecessary act of greed. It's 2017 and for 150 years since, we are #RacingExtinction faster than ever before of ANOTHER species. When will we STOP-THE-SEAL-HUNT. It's insane. Why in this day and age of time, are we still allowing this. Rise up with us, and #Passover an #Easter basket of loving support filled with signatures to Justin Trudeau. A signature is truly a #gift that keeps on giving. #Hallelujah #Amen. Sincerely, #Rebelheart William Wilabe Richer- Virginia, USA. #livingforlove for a #revolutionoflove for #seals #animalrights #stopthesealhunt


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