Alfred Oseur Kipelian
Alfred Oseur Kipelian campaign leader

Nature should never rely on money to survive. The universe created a balance and we have upset that balance, with fences and habitat destruction.. I find photographic tourism as bad as trophy hunters. When will the wild be left to be wild. How many photographic tourist flock to the Masai to witness the herds
trekking? Majority are only interested in the river crossing, cause they enjoy seeing animals been eaten by crocodiles. Are they not forcing the animals to cross due to an unnatural
barrier you creating with the 100’s of vehicles decorating the river bank. We are interfering far to much and it is only gonna get worse. Without reading the entire article which I am unable to do. Who said Tourism is the most important thing? What group of people decided to make this as the most important reason to
save wildlife? What on God’s Earth gives us the right to decide if a species lives or dies? We should give preference to our fellow species and not destroy their habitat and their herds for profit. Humanity sickens me
Elephants Alfred the conservationist
From Kenya.
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