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We, Jews and Israel, need serious help on u-tube (and face book), but my main goal is to remove all u-tube sites and their members who are promoting the most atrocious anti-Jew/Israel incitement and blood libels.
If we thought for one moment that the propaganda against Jews in Europe created by evil; Goebbels and the Nazi movement in the 1930's, was destructive; these modern supporters of hate, incitement and 'death to Jews" are even worse.
They are to be found on various "Free Palestine" sites and others and have a nasty habit of blocking or banning anyone whose views oppose their dangerous and antisemitic views.
I urge all supporters and friends of Jews and Israel to put weight on u-tube monitors to remove these destructive, antisemitic, photo shopped and fake lies from the internet.
It is so much more than free speech; it is hate speech, incitement and encouraging the genocide of Jews, not only in Israel but all over the world.
Thank you.

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