Update #3 ·

We have strangers living on our lands - help us remove them!

Many non-native, non-Cowichan peoples moved into the Cowichan Valley, some were settlers, some hiding from police, and some had no place to go because they were kicked out of their reserve. Our ancestors took them in, and let them live on our lands. Over a long period of time, they stole lands, squatted, wrote out phoney wills, and carefully carved their way into our valley and lands out of greed. Today, they have over-populated our valley and hold high jobs within the band office, and spent millions of dollars on projects. Many projects failed because their desire is not for long-term goals and outcomes, but short-term self-gain purposes. We want Human Rights for Cowichan Tribes Band Peoples. We would like those responsible to become removed, pay back funds that were taken for self-gain or abused our funding through high mismanagement. We would like our lands back. The persons that came into elective powers, imposed taxation on our nation of peoples, causing social-economic conflict on our way of life. We don't pay taxes? There was no consultation done prior to the imposed and forced taxation schemes, and we did not accept that ruling on taxation. How can one tax a people, who have no economy, no wage, and no financial gains on a land full of deep social poverty. We seek Human Rights and national support to end the tyranny and theft.


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