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Art is not separate from politics, even when basically each artist who has broken the cultural picket line to appear in Israel has made this claim. Look at any oppressive regime in human history and you see that art has always been part of each regime's public image. For Israel, high profile foreign artists appearing in supposedly 'liberal' Tel Aviv (originally established as a segregated colony for Zionist Jews only) is part of its strategies to polish its public image abroad. The bright lights of a show hide the blood Israel is spilling on the streets of occupied Palestine and the ruins of homes it destroyes on both sides of the Green Line. Radiohead has in the past made gigs to benefit for example Amnesty International. Now it plans to perform in what would be a benefit show in behalf of Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and brutal occupation. It's members claim to be better than this and they know very well what Israel is doing - they are not ignorant people. We must help to awaken their consciences, which have fallen asleep.


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