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I can't believe people everywhere have forgotten their History Lessons prier to 1933 , and before .
Most people voting for ''Trump'', are aware of the fact that ''Trump'' had a sign wherever He was giving a Talk , that said,--
''No Entry for Muslims''. Trump has a violent opinion about using ''immigrants'' to build a Wall in which the poor will have to pay for.!!! { slave labour } ?!! . ''Trump'' has a Hate for immigrants, and many of them were beaten in the streets after being thrown out of the Halls wherever He was Speaking.
''Trump'' wants to make ''immigrants'' into second class citizens , as well as making them ALL wear a Badge !! that they may be more easier to identify.!!
Many of you may have heard about so-called FEMA camps ? that are ready for operation at a moment's notice.
A shipment of millions of coffins designed to fit three in one.
""Trump'' is ''foaming at the mouth'' when speaking about how He is going to make America Great Again. [ or remake its Constitution?}.
Tell me now ,- who else we know who has spoken like that. ?
.............Doe's Adolf Hitler come to mind.?

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