Update #2 ·

Almost half way!! Great work!!

So far in just 2 days we have almost reached the half way point!

Thank you for your continued support, but this is not over!

The Gateway has thrived in the past on events like this blowing over...


When I left the venue 6 months ago after a colleague was assaulted by a patron and then the manager on duty it promised to change..

They assured us our culture was not being stripped from the venue but what has happened since

- Karaoke not run by a member of our community

- Drag Shows effectively cancelled any shows you do see are not paid for

- Still no live music specially catering to our market (despite the fact this would have been finacially viable)

- Prominent members of the LGBTIQ community barred from the venue for questioning management or simply interacting with THEIR fans on social media. 

Please share this petition again. Include 

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