Update #7 ·

Extending up to March, 2017

My dear other selves around the world,

Wishing You All A HAPPY NEW YEAR towards realizing our collective DREAM of Human Unity prototype project in 2017.

The present 712 people (spark souls) who are supporting this DREAM are the pioneers, who took a conscious leap towards the future. Many others may join, as when we build a prototype, thus I'm extending this campaign up to March 31, 2017.

After much waiting and delays, now we've found "the huge funding source" that is in the process, may come through by March 2017. Then, we begin our prototype mini-eco floating city (100m diameter) in the Varhanadi known as Chunnamabar river boat club at Paradise Beach, Pondicherry. The prototype can be built within 6 months with the present technology that will be followed by Universal Eco-Floating Cities Auro Galaxy, Auro Immortality.




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