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100 & Counting!!

Firstly Thank you so much for your support so far. We have reached our first milestone within a day of going live 100 supporters and the number continues to climb.

I want to be very clear it brings me no pleasure to be doing what I am. I have always been very passionate about the gay community in Newcastle and a HUGE supporter of the venue until mid last yea when I witnessed an assault on a staff member who had worked at the venue for 15 years by a patron, the manager on duty & security. 

 I will no long stand by and see the currently Management of The Gateway Hotel victimise, divide & slowly cancel gay culture in their venue while still taking the pink dollar. 

What I ask of you now is 3 things and wont cost a cent!

1)  Share the petition on your facebook feed and encourage others to do the same. 

2) Don't give them another cent of your money.. The pink dollar is a mighty force now and if we stick togeather it can move mountains. 

3) Come togeather, support any new venues that decide to take our community on. We have a lot to offer the right venue that is willing to invest in our arts & culture at large 

Thank you again

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