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People who run private vs public companies run dictatorships, not democracies where they have limited accountability to the public. In contrast, elected officials find and maintain their power by executing the will of the people which we entrust to them via our vote and public opinions.

Mr. Trump claims his lack of experience as a public elected official gives him an advantage for making needed changes for the people. As members of this democracy we owe him respect and an open mind as he assembles his team and begins his term. At the same time, we have a responsibility to hold him accountable to his commitments. Throughout his campaign Mr. Trump promised that, after the audit he would release of his tax return. Not releasing his tax return will only demonstrate his refusal to operate within the constraints, transparency and accountability we the people require of our president.

If he chooses to withhold his tax return he will be demonstrating a disrespect for both the will of the people and the office we all pledge an allegiance to support.

On this issue, we the people will stand our ground.

Respectfully submitted,

Andre James
Citizen of the United States of America


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