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This beautiful Wolf was a member of the 8 Mile Pack. Please S/S, Then Call Dan Wenk (307) 344-7381 Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park To ask him to help us get a Sacred Resource Protection Safety Zone around all National Parks.
Yellowstone visitors bring in 333 million dollars in annual revenue and my guess is that they don't not want to lose that money so if you don't want to see the picture like the beautiful 8 mile Wolf being held up dead like he was nothing, nothing!! Then do something about it, don't yell at Advocates for posting the truth, Protect The Wolves™ warned you in June 2016 again.... that this would get worse and we tried for months to get people to call Dan Wenk and tell him you would not visit Yellowstone unless they put up the buffer zone!!
Please call and be polite but direct in the fact you will not visit unless he works to get the buffer zone up! Again be polite Yelling and the use of Profanity will get us no where, he needs to know that people are outraged over these killings!!


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