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What is 3D Laser Scanning and when is it needed?

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What is 3D Laser Scanning and When Is It Needed?

3D laser scanning is the technology of

scanning real life objects and obtaining their structural and atomic data. Once the data has been captured, it is then used to create digital 3D images that people can use for marketing purposes, entertainment purposes or any other intended purposes. 3D laser technology is not magic, it is one of the great inventions that scientists have made so far to enhance the digital photo production industry. There is a wide range of 3D scanners with different efficiencies and designs which were made using different technologies.

Methods of Scanning that the Machines Use

Contact Scanning Machines

This is a scanning machine that probes the objects physically through touching it. The object to be scanned normally rests on a flat surface where it is held in place using the fixture methods. No physical stabilizing objects are needed because they would compromise the scanning ability of the machine. Carriage systems with rigid arms or articulated arms with rigid bones and excellent sensors can be used to scan objects of various shapes and sizes. The contact measuring machine is a good example of the 3D touch scanner that can produce 3D images.

Non-Contact 3D Scanning Machines

These machines emit some kind of radiation or waves that scan free standing objects and produce 3D digital data that can be utilized to produce outstanding graphic 3D images. The time of flight and triangulation methods are the two most common methods that the non-contact 3D scanning machines use to scan objects. These methods are most commonly used by hand-held 3D scanners and structured light scanners to produce digital images of the objects. Scanning is done perfectly when an appropriate scanner is used on the appropriate object to be scanned which is why they have different fields of real life application.

Areas where 3D Scanning is needed

In the health department, all the Ultrasound and CT scans are a good example of machines that utilize 3D scanning techniques to produce images. 3D laser scanning is also used on crime investigation on the detection of weapons like guns to know who manufactured it and who was or is using it. It plays a great part in reverse engineering where similar product models need to be created or manufactured.  3D laser scanning is more important in the field of health because even MRI utilizes this technology to detect major and minor body anomalies.

3D laser scanning is effective only when applied to appropriate place and perfectly. For example, you cannot use an ultrasound machine to scan a bulb or a shoe, you only scan people. The same to other scanners, only the appropriate objects should be scanned for satisfactory results. 3D scanners are all non-destructive machines that use laser light to scan objects and produce images that can be used anywhere to fulfill the intended purposes. Their results are fast and accurate which need no technical corrections or refurbishment to become useful. This article was brought to you by the men and woman from Asesltd. Asesltd is a site engineering services company based in United Kingdom. For more information you visit the site above or email them.

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