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Elect Trumps Infrastructure Ambitions for The US

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The Biggest Problems with President Elect Trumps Infrastructure Ambitions for The US

President Elect of the USA Donald Trump has made a number of promises for the USA. He says they will boost economy and stimulate growth faster. He says that he has a great economic plan and this will double the growth in the nation making it the strongest in the world.

A mission to improve the economy with the aid of infrastructure

Donald Trump loves the idea of building a strong infrastructure for the USA and he tends to bring up this topic all the time. He has major plans to make the infrastructure bill a top priority when he takes over as the President of the USA in the first 100 days. He has the support of the Democrats like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi who would love to work along with him.

The creation of new jobs for the unemployed – will that work?

He has said that he is all set to fix the major infrastructure of the nation and create new jobs in the field. Now, when it comes to the statement, unfortunately Donald Trump as of now does not have a concrete plan to go ahead with this. Well, at least as of now, there is no plan in the traditional sense of the term.

What are the plans he has?

Coupled with the above statement for the betterment of the economy of the USA, he has come up with another proposal that says the Congress is to provide $137 billion in the form of tax break ups to investors in the private sector to finance projects on toll roads, bridges and other avenues that will generate revenue into the nation. However, economic experts state that this private financing scheme will fail to address most of the immediate infrastructure needs of the nation like repair of roads, replacing roads or fix water pipes that are leaking. In fact, they maintain it is an inadequate policy.

Generating revenue for the benefit of the nation — no concrete plan!

Maintaining roads and bridges will not attain much and economists are of the firm belief that the highest revenue can only be generated by fixing the current infrastructure. Donald Trump says that he can propose to do a lot. However, this will place him in a political bind. Several Republicans in the Congress Party are hostile to his idea of spending billions on public infrastructure. In September, last year when asked if he would help Donald Trump pass a $550 billion program for infrastructure, the speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave out a loud laugh. The idea of infrastructure might be a great idea for the fans of Donald Trump. However, it is not a simple task to attain in Washington.

If you analyse the above policies regarding infrastructure development by Donald Trump, most of it is contradictory. The policies lack details and are being criticised strongly by economists. They have many questions and only time will give them answers as to whether Donald Trump’s reforms with regard to infrastructure will be good for the economy or not.

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