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Why do people go to therapist?

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How Do You Set Yourself Up With An Online Counselor?

The digital age has arrived with a bang and it has caused enough disruption to the age old practices in all spheres of life. How much d what has changed can be understood better by looking at education and business.  More and more people are moving towards online learning platforms that offer highly flexible and one on one learning facilities. Similarly, there is a thrust for online business as would be evident from the spread of e commerce platforms. Not far behind is online therapy and counseling for psychotherapy and mental counseling. Although new, online counseling has already cut ice and is being practiced by many people. This article throws light on how to take the first step to get in touch with an online counselor.

Why online counseling?

For in-office counseling you need to be physically present in front of the counselor that can be difficult to organise or paucity of time. Some people might also be hesitant and shy to come out with private problems and talk about it while sitting before the counselor. There could be some sort of stigma attached to the process for some people. There are some others who are comfortable to talk in an open way when they are at home. Taking all such reasons into account, online counseling seems to be the perfect solution.

How is online counseling done?

Creating a virtual meeting place is the primary requirement for conducting online counseling sessions. Using digital technology and the internet and media like Skype, voice messaging, video chatting, audio messaging and apps for texting online counseling sessions are set up. Online counseling can broadly be divided into two categories- synchronous and asynchronous online counseling.

·         Synchronous counseling – This is similar to in-office counseling in that it is carried out real time. You sit before the counselor, though located at different places but at the same time by using the technological platform of video conferencing like Skype. This allows two-way communication on real time basis.

·         Asynchronous counseling – In this method, techniques like e mail, texting and messaging are used for communicating. There are no fixed session timings for this process as it is ongoing process. However, there is an overall time limit set to conclude the counseling process.

Finding a counselor

Look for referrals among your close circle of friends and acquaintances for locating the right counselor. You can also search online. Make sure that you get across to a licensed counselor only. You need to work through the right kind of network to land up at the right place. Check and verify the credentials of the counselor to ascertain suitability for your purpose. Price is also a consideration.

Once you have located the counselor, select the method of counseling you prefer. If it is Skype then choose the timing that is convenient for you. In case you need a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, specify that too. Whether you prefer anonymity has also be confirmed as also the price and payment method.

You are now ready to experience the first meeting with counselor in the way you want.

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