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Contact your State Representative

I can not contact a state representative out of my area. So here is what I need done.  Look at this site and see if your state has a law about saving animals locked in a car. 


If not go to your state of representative web site and find your representative.  There is normally a find my representative search.  This is the letter I sent my representative :

I have started a petition about pets locked in hot cars.  I should have added cold or extreme temperatures as well.  I was shocked and disheartened to learn Texas has no law about this.  In some states if you can see the animal is in dire distress you can break a window. I am not proposing something that extreme.  But I would like to see something more than a slap on the wrist.  Animal cruelty laws are on the books but not in this matter.  The officers and animal control have no laws to fall back on.  I do not want to fill the pound with more animals.  I do want a record kept so offenders will be dealt with. And the three time looser laws can be enforced.  My meaning is if a person breaks the law a third time they can no longer have an animal. Now I do not mean spot check people with animals but if someone is pulled over when the officer types in their DL number the convection will come up.  Of course I want to see fines and possible jail time.  Here are the laws in other states I would like to see us follow one or blaze our own trail. 


I started this petition Oct 20th and it has over 124,000 signatures.  It will be up until Jan 20th. With my calculations it will have over 250,000 signatures at that time.  This is the petition.


I know the state of The United States is in turmoil.  I also know the Texas House of Representatives just started the fall session.  I just felt like I owed the signers of this petition to be heard by all states with out a law.

Thank you for your time Cassandra Gross

You are welcome to change the wording to fit your state or write your own passionate letter. 


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