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Tonight The Chemical Brothers go on stage in apartheid Israel

Dear Supporters,

Tonight The Chemical Brothers go on stage in apartheid Israel. They claimed to not have been pressured to boycott, but blocked BDS activists, from their official page. 

We know by the wide spread media coverage, which linked to our 8000-strong petition, that they can hear us, no matter how tightly they plug their ears. 

Let's make sure they know that the victims of the world's indifference will not be silenced. It's your last chance to add your voice to this collective roar. Please sign and share the petition, right now!


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Culture is not created in a vaccum. Culture that ignores human rights violations and is used to whitewash war crimes and crimes against humanity, and cultural workers who accept money in this context, are complicit. The many victories of the BDS movement so far have shown us that culture can shine a light on these crimes, instead of muffling the cries of the victims. Please support the…

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To BUIKA, Ari Hoenig Trio, Marquis Hill and Blacktet, Donny McCaslin, Ron Carter, Al Foster, Diego El Cigala, Richard Manetti Quartet, Kenny Garrett, Amadou & Mariam, Enrico Rava, and the Brecker International Saxophone Competition, We are concerned people from all around the world who oppose Israel's continuing displacement of the Palestinian people via military occupation and apartheid…

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