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"I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of America. I promise to educate future generations so they may become caretakers of our water, air, land and wildlife." - Conservation Pledge, 1946, The Way of Animals

We've so much work to do in our communities to safeguard our home, friends, family If we want a vibrant living planet full of people and inhabitants that reflect optimal well being. Our planet and inhabitants have the ability to heal itself if given the appropriate environment. The revolution has begun. Every step you take has an action; this petition, and those like it paves the way for new industries which promote well being for the planet and it's inhabitants.
We the People will design and direct economies which promote well being and life. We are much more than a 'workforce' to be driven by corporations. This petition is represents the design and direction We the People want our industry to take. We the People are taking control of our fate. We support education that informs us about the intricate synchronicity which links all of life on this planet. The greater our understanding, the greater our engagement. Change is inevitable. We the People are more and more engaged in making changes that benefit the majority with sustainable choices. These sustainable choices are the foundation of our new design and direction for industry development. Our impact on life, any life, deserves more time and study. A broader representation of life and the human species place must be incorporated into our design and direction in industry development. We will learn why synchronicity is so important and how we get there.
As, any action causes a reaction. Change is inevitable. We humans have enormous 'Power'. We design and direct the evolution of our world. Unfortunately, the 'we' doing most of the design and directing has been a small segment on the planet. People have always risen up to say 'No More'. Jump on board!

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