Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

Support, care, and be part of the change! Reconciliation for Native Women of Canada Now! Justice entanglement and serious oppression by Canada toward First Nations Women; "Women's legal status as First nations citizens could be unilaterally and irrevocably stolen by federal legislation that allowed their fathers or husbands to make decisions on their behalf. This regulation was major affront to women's autonomy - women had no recourse if their father or husband sold them out of status. It also seriously undermined the matri-lineal descent rule of many tribes by giving men authority to decide whether or not their families would retain First Nations membership. This voluntary enfranchisement provisions remained in effect until 1985."

First Nations Women are experiencing linear racialized sexual violence from Canadian Legislation, citizens, and within Federal Band Policies on Reserves regarding the Rights of First Nations Women today. Totally neglected socially and economically and without a voice within the justice system. The negative impacts are devastating causing deep poverty from neglect and legislative discrimination. The fight continues today for a Voice in Canada! First Nations women are systemically murdered in Canada - with little regard to their person. Let us stop the systemic neglect of First Nations Women of Canada. The majority of First Nations Women of Canada become Victims within a family unit and remain silent to keep their families together. Many First Nations women die as a result of their emotional obligation to family and community. Many First Nations women are a statistic, nothing more to Canada. Violence against First Nations women developed into an economy for the justice system and networking program agencies - like victims services, transition houses, homeless shelters, and men are released from jail very fast after they are charged with violent crimes against First Nations Women. Within First Nations culture and native laws - women are held within high esteem within our territories because they are life-givers; even Elective First Nation leaders ignore native laws or women's place within our spiritual practice and nations, because of assimilation over time. First Nations men truly believe they sit in a higher place than First Nations women today within our nation. Because of Euro-Colonial teachings from school and discriminatory Canadian laws in place that oppress women.

Please support, care and have compassion - help First Nations Women to regain their Voices across Indigenous Nations for the purpose of making political wrongs to right! Let me speak..stop racism: Support, lets stop Violence Against Native Women together! Canadian Acts and Policies spear heads the negative treatment and neglect of First Nations Women of Canada, pushing First Nations Women into systemic discrimination and genocide, please support our fight for justice on the home-front of Canada. Your support, care, and donation is needed today,
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