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Saving America's Horses Alert! Senate and House Conference Committee scheduled to meet Dec 22, 2017

Senate and House Conference Committee - The outcome of this meeting will impact the future America's wild horses and burros. 

Dec 18, 2017, The House and Senate are scheduled to meet prior to holiday recess on Dec 22, 2017. The Senate supports protection for America's horses and burros, and we anticipate a positive outcome for the protection of America's wild horses from killing and or sale for slaughter; however, the House has been unsupportive. Therefore, until this type of division can be resolved and a meeting of the minds for the good of humanity can move forward, the future of our horses, our people and our land remains at risk.

We ask the people of America & our leaders to stand strong with the horses and protect them. Stand With Us: http://www.savingamericashorses.org/join_standwithus.html

Learn more:  http://www.wildforlifefoundation.org/wildhorseale...

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