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Statistics tell us that over 70% of Texas riders have been profiled by law enforcement. Only around 20% of those are members of clubs, so it is not just an MC issue. While it may not be the 60's anymore, many riders have been pulled over for no reason, oftentimes with no citation or warning issued. While I in no way want to stop the police from doing their job and I fully understand the need for good traffic enforcement, it often goes way beyond that. Departments across the state have been involved, and countless officers have been reprimanded for admittedly lumping all motorcyclists together. Many feel it is their duty to harass us off the roads. This is not a slam on the profession, but a statement of fact that in today's world many seen as undesirable are discriminated against and profiled to warrant traffic stops that include unnecessary questions, accusations, and inconvenience. If you, or anyone you know, have experienced this type of incident or even if you are aware that it happens, please sign. Let's help Texas join other states that have already passed anti-profiling legislation.

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