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Stop the theft of benefits intended for children of veterans

A new petition has been put on whitehouse.gov and our Federal Case is now at the Supreme Court. Please come sign the petition and share with everyone you can.  https://wh.gov/iLW8s

Thank you.

The case Barclay v. Oregon docket no. 15-9627 has applied to the Supreme Court 26 Sept. conference. We request your office and the US Attorney General request the case be heard and to hold government officials and state judges culpable for acting without authority to divert veteran benefits for the purpose of embezzling funds for the children of veterans.

The veteran community can no longer wait for the exercise of intelligent forethought and decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis. The suicides and homelessness suffered by the veteran community are now epidemic in proportion. It is time for the corrupt government of people to be held culpable by the people, for the people or it shall perish from the earth.

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