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Forced Psychiatry is Torture

CRPD and the Obligation to Prohibit and Prevent Torture and Ill-treatment

I’m going to speak about the standards that justify a legal conclusion that forced psychiatry amounts to torture and other ill-treatment. I will also make concrete recommendations for the Committee with regard to Article 15.

Like my colleagues on this panel, I am a survivor of forced psychiatry, and I bring this perspective with me as a human rights lawyer. I have advocated and written about forced psychiatry as torture, beginning during the Ad Hoc Committee which elaborated the CRPD. The Special Rapporteur on Torture adopted many elements that I brought forward, both in the 2008 report of Manfred Nowak and in the 2013 report of Juan Méndez. There are many nuances that would merit discussion, and I will provide the Committee and others with a list of references for further reading, the list and my presentation will be posted on the Resources page.

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