Patrick J Hamilton
Patrick J Hamilton campaign leader

Here’s what I’ve heard.

I've heard people say they support this, and sign the petition, but will attend anyway, since they need to make money.

I've heard very vocal pro-LGBT designers tell me the petition was targeted at the wrong people... but not offering any alternative actions.
I've heard friends say they wholeheartedly support my efforts, but could never publicly attach themselves to them, out of fear of losing their jobs, a client or "an opportunity."
I’ve heard colleagues tell me they don’t support it, but then hashtag posts with phrases like “strength in numbers and "We're better together," while admitting business, for them personally, couldn’t be better.

I’ve heard major industry leaders throw and attend major, big ticket fundraisers to support opponents of Governor Pat McCrory.

I’ve heard friends say they are waiting to decide what to do, when the excuse last spring was “It’s too late to change plans.”

I’ve heard friends say they are going, but plan to make donations to LGBT causes.

I’ve heard other designers say they won’t talk about it publicly, not wanting to “mix business with politics,” but say they might not attend in private.

I’ve heard designers say they will only bring it up if their clients do first.

I’ve heard industry stars tell me they think our own home furnishings industry, which dumps $5 billion into North Carolina through High Point alone, is too financially fragile to survive a one-market sit out.

I’ve heard major-name designers say they won’t tolerate hate, but proceed with product launches anyway.

I’ve heard people say they support the effort, but don’t have the power to make the decision. But don't move the conversation to those who can.

I’ve heard business leader say, “Well, I don’t want to be the only one.”

I've heard people say, "Well, I'm super pro-LGBT, but this is business."

Imagine what just might happen if, this fall, ALL these people spoke up, spoke out, and said “Enough,” and let Governor Pat McCrory know that we are indeed, better than this, the sweeping and discriminatory HB2.

We could make change. Real change. And it would be DONE.

THEN, I’d be willing to go back to “business as usual.”

Until then, I urge you to add your name, add your voice, and help resurrect a conversation about repealing HB2.

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