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Stop the widening of the Giripradakshina Road

Dear Fellow Protectors of Arunachala,

Your help is needed urgently to stop an effort by the government of Tamil Nadu to widen the Giripradakshina Road. While this may sound reasonable on the surface (as a plan to better accommodate the crowds during peak periods such as Karthagai Deepam and remove encroachments) it is ill-conceived and must be stopped. There are serious environmental consequences, and there are better long term solutions. Please go to the online petition site to read about this desecration, and sign the petition:


Other sources of information are the following: 



For updates on what is being done in Tiruvannamalai to stop this, see 


The scriptures say that there is no benefit in doing Giripradakshina in any kind of conveyance. Therefore, why allow any vehicles on this sacred path that was created in ancient times for the purpose of walking worship of Arunachala? The path is essentially a 9 mile long, open air temple. Why allow vehicles to drive through a temple?  Roads are for vehicles. Paths are for people (and, in the case of Giripradakshina, astral beings). Roads and sacred walking worship paths should not mix. 

The only permanent solution is to divert vehicle traffic away from this sacred path, at least in places where there is low population density and/or forest areas (such as the Chengam Road section). In general, vehicles should be as far away from the base of Arunachala as possible, on their own dedicated roadway. This road widening is not only causing immediate destruction, but it opens the door to further development (through increased commercial activity on and around the road), accelerating the defilement of our beloved Arunachala.

Thank you for your ongoing support for protection of Arunachala! 

Peter Berking 


Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative


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