Deborah Swan
Deborah Swan campaign leader

This shown the US Observer was hired to expose the public officials who are responsible of setting Charles Dyer up. The US Observer took my evidence and turned on me by joining the same group who destroy all my efforts of support for Charles Dyer. This same group has falsely accused me of all sorts of things that are not true. This info was given to Ed snook when I hired him. Ed Snook has been caught playing both sides. This video is the recorded conversations Deborah Swan had with Ed Snook. As of today, Ed Snook has not only publicly slandered Deborah Swan and the US Army soldier Chris Mortenson.(who paid the 10,000.00 to hire the US Observer for Sgt. Charles Dyer) Ed Snook has contacted the FBI and his contacts he claims he has in the government, to falsely profile Swan and Mortenson as if they are dangerous. Snook has just recently published a 2nd and 3rd false article, accusing them of being lunatics and who are filing false complaints to the BBB. The truth can be easily proven by reviewing the BBB and the DOJ case read the complaints. This has turned into a complete civil rights violation by Ed Snook.

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