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Stop the Extermination of Pidgeons, Exist Food with Sterilizers That are Very Effective as they Could be Used Instead of Gas Them

They are making a real extermination of pigeons in Logrono, as we have seen with our own eyes as employees of the City of Logrono, specifically gardeners, throwing them food, so pigeons go desperate to turmoil and there they are caught by a trap network. Then they immobilize all to be kept in cages and taken to an unknown location where they are gassed and killed.

There is another alternative to reduce the pigeon population and its control, such as special food that cause remaining sterile and cannot breed. This would be a more humane solution, instead of behaving as if we were Nazis, and with the tax money we all pay. It is confirmed that the pigeons are killed in this way, here is the message of an employee of the City Hall confirming what employees are doing with them.

"Because of the lack of natural predators and abundance of food, the proliferation of pigeons in the city is a problem. They can raise from 6 months of age and up to 4 times a year each, representing exponential growth. So it is essential to have a population control them and always in accordance with regulations. Some of the diseases that can infect us with their droppings are: chlamydiosis, salmonellosis, coli Bacilosis, infections Arizona, alveolitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis. "

Without further ado, receive a warm welcome.

City of Logrono

Citizen Information and Attention Service



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