Update #6 ·

​Extending Our Campaign

My dear other selves around the world, I'm glad for all your primary support to this campaign, but we have to yet to reach our goal of bringing together 143, 295 living souls needed to end our campaign. Thus, I'm extending this campaign until  December 31, 2016. 

As you have been observing, it's very clear now for me and I'm sure all of you feel the same that U.N. - Pope - Rothschild Family - Bilderberg Group - U.S. are preparing for their long term agenda, since George Bush announced at U.N. about the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) in 1990.  

New World Order is One World Government of  the world's elite, who are ambitious to control the entire world. Even, genuinely good, Nobel Laureate Obama also now adapted to their agenda, and seems to be working on it, as we see many documentaries on YouTube.  

GOLDEN CHANGE FOUNDATION Charter is very clear that there will be NO GOVERNMENT of any order, NO MONEY and Borders in the model Universal Floating Cities of the NEW CREATION. There will be No King of Kings  of any sort and no positions. Everyone serves according to their capacity to the collective sharing all resources with all in the Multiple ONE Consciousness, obeying One Supreme Authority of the Divine Consciousness. 


1. Auro Galaxy, Auro Immortality Universal Eco- Floating Cities (AGAI) are possessed by none and enjoyed by all, in the Multiple Oneness of the Divine Consciousness. 

2.  All those who are ready for unconditional love and a complete Surrender to the multiple One Consciousness are welcome to live in AGAI. 

3.  AGAI is universal floating cites on the sea, that aim at progressive unfolding of the spirit through an unending education, psychic youth, towards the genetic engineering and mutation of death in the Fourth Dimension of the cellular consciousness. 

4.  AGAI will be a cradle of the New Age and New Species, taking advantage of all the technology, boldly spring towards the inevitable future of Love and Oneness through the MAGIC of our Golden Change. 

5.  AGAI will be pioneering cities in the International waters of the sea towards the Immortality and Life Divine. Transformation of the human into the divine by the Divine Consciousness. 



The Time has come. Now I'm in contact with the Red Dragon Family. I feel a deep certitude and faith in the Divine Grace that is leading on a swift path towards the inevitable future that is ever unfolding. 



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