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Important Update: 100,000 signatures reached this morning!


Thank you so much for signing the Orlando Sympathy Card. In less than a week, we reached our goal of securing 100,000 signatures, a milestone we achieved with your help this morning.

We are now in discussions with supporters in Florida to arrange for an appropriate time to share the card with the Mayor of Orlando. More info on that is coming soon.

Meanwhile, we will continue to keep the sympathy card open for the remainder of June so that others may sign.

If you wish to also make a donation to help the injured victims and the families of those lost, here is a link to the Orlando GoFundMe campaign (not affiliated with us.) It has raised over $4 million so far.

Our prayers are for those lost and injured, along with their loved ones. We hope that someday the horrific epidemic of mass shootings in America will come to an end. Let us not lose anyone else to senseless gun violence.


David Paine

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