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"In 1920, Section 27 of the US Merchant Marine Act (a.k.a. the Jones Act) rigged the entire shipping industry in Puerto Rico and raised the price of every import onto the island (food, oil, automobiles, clothing, electronics) by 15–20 percent. As recently as 2005, automobile prices were 30–40 percent higher in Puerto Rico than on the US mainland. Some products, particularly unprocessed food items, cost twice as much in Puerto Rico as in, for example, neighboring US Virgin Island. The price extortion continues to this day, and it is strangling the economy of Puerto Rico."

Nelson Denis

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Lograremos dos metas importantes para Puerto Rico.  1) Unirnos para lograr medidas que beneficien al pueblo por encima de líneas partidistas; 2) Evitar que malgastemos $700 millones anualmente debido a la negligencia de las compañías navieras a través de las cuales se aplica las Leyes de Cabotaje.

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