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I've had experience with family members that suffer with mental disorders that aren't even contributed from fighting in a brutal and ugly war and in my plight to help others, I've discovered there isn't much available in medical coverage for people that suffer from mental conditions and those very conditions can ultimately effect their quality of life, leading them to no other option other then death...suicide...for them, a means to an end...to end their torment. That is so sad and heartbreaking to know that a person is willing to give up and leave behind every family member and friend that loves them! What a tortuous mind, body and spirit...choosing to leave life! We must do more and offer more to help our Veterans in their plight and fight for their daily battle of life! I can't imagine carrying the responsibility of a soldier in war...surviving and doing things that a human being shouldn't ever have to do, but they did it for you and me and in the name of Freedom and Our Country! They deserve our support, they need advocates to stand up and fight for them! They fought for us!

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