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Email sent regarding Petition

Hello Supporters, I apologize for no updates in a while. I am sorry it has taken me so long to do something about this, several others have created petitions and raised awareness about this issue. From what I have heard there apparently aren't any sanctuaries in Ohio to send orphan deer such as this one, which proves a big problem. However I have gone ahead and send the below email with the attached signatures; hopefully something will be done about it.

As you know last year a tame deer in Ohio was shot and killed publicly in front of several children who had been caring for it by ODNR Wildlife Officers. This deer was killed in an inhumane and inappropriate matter unbecoming to the ODNR and the reasons provided for said killing do not suffice re: Chronic Wasting Disease as there was no medical examination of the animal premortem or postmortem.
We, the undersigned of attached petition are well aware of innumerable instances were deer have been rehabilitated without re-introduction to their herds including orphan deer such as this one, as well as the the documented fact as per the ODNR website that the majority of captive deer as per even small populations as well as wild deer do not even test positive for the disease in large numbers:

"Since October 2014, 19 captive white-tailed deer have tested positive for CWD at a shooting preserve and a breeding facility in Holmes County. Twenty-four escaped white-tailed deer have been found outside of those facilities and have been tested. Since CWD was first detected, ODNR Division of Wildlife staff have also collected hundreds of samples of wild deer with the cooperation of hunters and local landowners. While none of these deer have tested positive for CWD, it cannot be assumed the disease is confined to a fenced facility, and the ODNR Division of Wildlife is taking additional steps to protect Ohio’s deer herd. "

We are also informed of the fact that while CWD is present in deer populations and a growing problem, in 2003 a study was done showing that the disease was not present in Ohio, and while there have been documented cases of CWD, the culling of deer has not been effective in reducing or eliminating the disease: See website regarding CWD information in state of Ohio: http://cwd-info.org/chronic-wasting-disease-not-found-in-ohio/

We are also informed of the fact that as per the CDC, there have been no documented cases of CWD in humans and thus it is not considered even a minimal risk for the human population: https://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/chronic-wasting-disease-forgotten-but-not-gone.

We, the undersigned, with said evidence respectfully and reasonably ask the following:

A) ODNR apologize for their use of deadly force of a tame deer in front of young children. B) ODNR take all precautions to use their resources to find effective, non-lethal ways of handling orphan deer that they believe poses a risk to its herd and the human population by means of:      1. Necessary and proper veterinary testing done to ensure that deer in question is in fact a carrier of said disease to prove that it does in fact pose a risk      2. If orphan deer is found to not have disease, every effort should be made to bring it to a sanctuary or wildlife rehabilitation center where it can be given proper care for the remainder of its life or reintroduced into a herd.      3. If orphan deer is found to have CWD or another lethal illness, proper euthanasia without the use of firearms should be administered provided veterinary care.

Please respond in a timely manner and address the actions the ODNR is taking to resolve this and other matters in the future.


the Undersigned


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