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Lawless Family Courts: Jailing People for debt is Unconstitutional - A Form of Extortion -- Many states are jailing people to extort money from their friends and families. This is literally extortion as civil courts are not allowed to use civil contempt to punish, nor jail people who do not have the money. Learn how to protect yourself from unlawful jail time with a few words.

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Enforce Equal Treatment and Due Process, Protect Parental Rights and Reform America's Family Courts Millions of Americans who have been through a contested divorce proceeding in the Family Court systems across the U.S. are acutely aware that injustice is served at the whims of the attorneys and other "profiteers" of the Family Court System.  Unfair laws, policies, and practices not only violate…

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Let them (or their staff) know to contact Patrick Fleming in Rep. Mark Meadows' office for more information or to sign on in support. If they ask for a bill number, point out that we are seeking original cosponsors – a bill number has not yet been assigned.If your congressman agrees to cosponsor, let them know that if they include [email protected] on their email to Rep. Meadows' staff,…

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