Tanner White
Tanner White campaign leader

Target is under attack by the American Family Association due to their stance on gender equality. The AFA has passed around a pledge to boycott Target, and has already gained over 1.2 million signatures. I think we need to step up to the plate and show Target just how much we appreciate them with this issue. Keep them in mind when you go out to do your shopping, if you can, please choose them for your groceries and household items. If they are willing to fight this fight of equality for our transgender brothers and sisters, then we need to be there to support them in this fight. Without each and every one of us standing and acting in every way that we can, we will never be able to win in the fight for equality. And please let us remember to thank the leadership of Target for not backing down in this fight! I for one pledge to shop at Target, so please join me and make the pledge by sharing this post!

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