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ABC helps us spread the word about Appin petition

Thanks again so much for signing this petition.

The memorial at Appin this year was a deeply moving and warm afternoon with lots of people and many speeches . The Governor of NSW his Excellency David Hurley was even there.

Of course he didn't actually say anything.

This is NOT his fault. As a figurehead he takes his cues from the NSW Government. Apparently they heard the calls but sadly didn't have time for "consultation".

So we have have decided to keep this here petition going so The Governor and the NSW Government have time to prepare and consult on the words of his speech before the 2017 Memorial. So there will be no more excuses

We are making real progress in getting this out to the public.

We have almost 1000 signatures.

We are aiming for 5000.

The ABC Facebook page posted this great video.

ABC Appin Remembers

Check this out.

Send it to all your friends.

We can make this happen. An important step toward reconciliation and healing.


Russell Kilbey and John Corker

Campaign closed

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