Update #115 ·


It is with sad news sharing this form killing happened in Kenya where community from NYAHURURU Kenya, pushed the elephant into the ditch, burnt it alive and chop up its body for MEAT.

This is one amongest the the hardest killing we ever recorded or heard in our program.

Some of our team are on follow up and see that all perpetrators of the acts are in recommended place where they will be jailed and judged accordingly.

As the Kenyan Government prepares to burn one the lastest ivory stock pile, we are in pain seeing all this million of tonnes were once from a living elephant who by now is no longer again.

Still our $11 campaign is running and we are in desperate need of your support towards our extension of of our new securityprogram of 11km. If you never had chance to support this work, kindly consider it in your thoughts.

Please feel free to support us anytime www.africaconserve.org/donate-now

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