Anmol Patel
Anmol Patel campaign leader

A close friend of mine was bullied into being homeschooled and it still wouldn't stop. I've talked her out of suicide so many nights and it became a routine. I told her that it wouldn't please society, and that society wouldn't care but that her friend and family would be devastated. I told her that she didn't need a boyfriend to be complete and that she was perfectly capable to provide for herself and eventually she realized that I was right. She turned her life around. And I'm grateful that she didn't let society influence her life. She is content with who she is and it doesn't matter what society thinks is beautiful as long as she believes she is. I'm so proud of her for becoming a strong, independent individual; I want to help others realize this as well. Society doesn't determine what beauty is because there is beauty in everything. And I wish more people would realize it.

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