grant harris
grant harris campaign leader

My photo story aim was to create more awareness on how serious overfishing really is, not many people around the world are aware overfishing and the massive implications that it possess if something isn’t done to prevent overfishing, not only on a local scale but also on a global scale. This issue is significant to all of us because if we don’t stop commercial fishermen hunting a specific species of fish it will send a ripple down the whole marine eco system. I suggest that we make our voices be heard by only purchasing from a sustainable source so that the specie under target have time to repopulate. Which will slowly but surely take into consideration that people aren’t happy with that particular product and how it is causing more harm than good. More education program set up wether that be on ads in TV or throughout work places so that people are more aware of the seriousness of overfishing, so they are aware of what not to purchase so they are not supporting commercial fishing.

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