Jonathon Pritchard
Jonathon Pritchard campaign leader

The purpose of my video is to stress the importance of why we should reduce climate change and careless acts to help save the Great Barrier from extinction. I made this video to show people our effect on the Great Barrier Reef and what it goes through on a tireless basis from the course of climate change and other threats such as chemical pollution and fishing. My aim is to make people understand the significant changes they will make if they help reduce climate change.

The facts and images that I used are intended to be eye opening so that viewers realise that what we are doing through climate change is destroying the Great Barrier Reef. For example, I used time lapse images of coral bleaching to show the effect of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef. This paints a powerful image of the devastation our activity does to the Reef. Using facts was another way for me to convey the consequences of greenhouse emissions and their effects on the Reef. For example, one of the strongest facts that I included in the video is that by 2030 the Great Barrier Reef will be extinct. This will encourage viewers to take action and support this campaign.
Finally, I used the song “Mad World” by Gary Jules as a background song to evoke emotion towards the Great Barrier Reef. It creates a sad atmosphere suitable for the devastating effects of climate change. Overall, the video should strongly encourage viewers to stop overusing lights, start recycling and stop using chemical products to help save the Great Barrier Reef from climate change.

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