Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson campaign leader

The main point of this article is to educate you about the crisis of tigers being poached and dropping tiger’s numbers all over Asia. The first part of this article is to give information about tigers (where they live, how many in the world, what they are poached for and why) the second part of the article talks about poachers and how we can stop them. They introduces a solution, which might or might not work. You should read this article because it is very educational about the tiger’s situation now compared to a century ago. It shows the crisis they are going through and gives us numbers of how many tigers are living in the wild right now. The idea of selling dead tigers that lived in tiger farms for medical use was brought up as a possible starter solution. This makes the readers think of other ways that the tigers could be saved. I feel if you read this you will feel more sympathetic towards tigers and you will want to make more of a difference.

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