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The Slaughter Will Not Be Televised

No, Whale Callers…

People will not see Faroese hunters on television news driving long-finned pilot whales into a bay, stabbing their blubber with a hook and then pulling them with a gaff by their blowholes ashore.

There will be no live coverage of commercial fishing boats trawling and bombing rare dolphins to extinction as they catch tuna to supply the growing demands of global supermarkets.

Reality TV will not feature whales and dolphins starving or drowning in their own breath after ingesting floating plastic debris in polluted waters.

No, Whale Callers, the slaughter will not be televised.

Television is wired to show events, features and images—mostly sponsored by multinational brands—that obscure the appalling pursuit of profit and power.

Distractions and deceptions sugarcoating socioeconomic inequality and environmental ills with globalization.

Reality: Profit and power determine what people see.

Oh yes, they might also see calculated placations like environmentalists calling for ocean conservation and marine life protection, supporters signing petitions and activists fighting mass slaughter of dolphins and whales in some parts of the world.

But no, people will not see change.

Those who benefit from the status quo bias do not want change to happen because it can adversely affect profit and erode power.

They fear change.

And where does change come from?


Change always comes from people.

The slaughter will not be televised but like-minded people working together to save dolphins and whales can wield global influence to achieve change.

Like-minded people from around the world collaborating to achieve a common goal can influence global market behavior and disrupt the distribution of profit and power.

People power.
That’s the real change they fear the most.

Whale Callers, we are building a global app to give people that power.

We have already achieved our goal to have 5,000 supporters sign the pledge to donate to our crowdfunding campaign to build our Whale Call App. Thank you once again for your support.

Signing the pledge is over. It’s time to fulfill your commitment and donate.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to our GoFundMe crowdfunding page at

2. Select the DONATION and REWARDS level that you want at the bottom of the page

3. Click DONATE.

The slaughter will not be televised but using the Whale Call App, we will bring it to mobile phones all over the world.

If you didn’t get to sign the pledge, just head over to our GoFundMe crowfunding page and help us build the app at:


Let’s put people power at the world’s fingertips.



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