Kirby-Jane Saron
Kirby-Jane Saron campaign leader

The goal of this video is to really confront you with something that you’re turning a blind eye to, when it comes to animal cruelty. This is important to show as we need to step up as the consumers, stop buying the products that use animal-testing and make the companies think more about an ethical behaviour! It’s up to the public to realise the more they purchase animal cruelty products, the more they are supporting for animal abuse. They are endorsing the product and therefore its practices. This gives the companies the idea that we really don’t care about the harming of animals and they will continue this behaviour until we do something about it!
I expect the viewers of the video to feel struck in the heart and almost disgusted with what they are confronted with. The photos that show the reality of animal cruelty will get the viewer thinking twice about buying that product where ‘one’ single innocent rabbit was hurt in the process. It’ll challenge the viewer once they see the physical agony this animals are going through, and how their last few days of their lives were the most traumatic. The song ‘love me or leave me’ is really harsh towards the viewer as the words yell if you truly loved me, loved animals, you’d do something about this rather than leave me sitting here in agony for the rest of my life. The images, although confronting, intrigue the viewer to see on past t. The blood and flesh that has been exposed on the animals will mentally hurt and scar you. The captions amongst the photos are said in such a way it makes you feel responsible for the ache, and as the consumer, you are!


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